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Teams with one or more local members must provide three (3) race volunteers.  A “Local” team is defined as any team with one or more team member(s) living within a 100 mile radius of Portland.  If just one member of the team resides within this radius, the team is considered local and must provide volunteers.  Not sure if you qualify as a local team?  Check your Zip Code.


Click the image below to watch the Volunteer Training Video


DON'T BRING                                      BRING                                                                     

Headphones/Earbuds                                                   Flashlight (with extra batteries)

Children                                                                            Water, coffee, snacks

Pets                                                                                   Layers of clothing

Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco                                           Job location/Driving Directions

A Subpar Attitude                                                            Team # you're representing

Exchange Leader Training (NOT FOR REGULAR VOLUNTEERS)

DATE: Saturday, 8/11/18  

TIME: 12:00-1:00PM

LOCATION: Providence Park (1844 SW Morrison St, Portland OR 97205)

Meeting will be held near Providence Care Center/KeyBank Deck on Level 2

PARKING: Please use the MAX.  Parking on street will be at a minimum.  


Types of Volunteer Positions

Shifts are 4-6 hours each.

VOLUNTEER: Working at the Exchange (various duties, i.e. calling out race numbers, parking race vans, garbage/recycling).  Last shift will also assist in clean-up of exchange area.

MONITOR: Reports to Exchange and then is given directions to drive (with one other monitor) to a specific turn on course. Directs participants (and point van traffic) at a specific turn. Good for volunteers that need to stay in one place or sit (bring a folding chair)! You will report to the assigned exchange and then may be given instructions to drive to a specific turn on the course.

START AREAS:  Assist with team check-in, equipment check-in and/or set-up
HTC Start (Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood). PTC Start location is the Eastbank Festival Plaza, adjacent to the Hawthorne Bridge! (Nearest address is: 20 SE Madison St, Portland, OR 97214)

FINISH AREA  Work on the beach at Seaside.  Assist with tasks such as check-in, information, table/chair set up, Trash and Recycling Management

Please visit our Course Maps page before making a selection.


Driving Directions to Volunteer Assignments 

Times of Volunteer Jobs

  • Jobs can start as early at 1:30am on Friday, August 24 and last as late as 11:30pm on Saturday, August 25. 
  • Times for volunteer positions are listed in a 24 hour clock (military time), ex. 6:00 = 6AM, 18:00 = 6PM
  • Please take note before selecting a shift
Volunteer Substitutions

If a volunteer cannot fulfill their assignment, it is up to the Team Captain/Team to recruit a substitute.  It is the Team Captain's responsibility to inform the new volunteer to take and pass online Volunteer Training (Contact Us) so they comply and the team is able to participate.

If the volunteer substitution is after August 8th, the previous volunteer must have passed online training, at which time they must give the volunteer assignment info and duties to the new volunteer. The substitute may then sign-in, representing the team on race day as long as they have the team number and show up at the correct time and place assigned. Failure of a volunteer to report to their assigned duty WILL result in team disqualification. No excuse will be accepted.

Looking to find a volunteer or group to carpool with? Post on the Forum of our Facebook page!
Volunteer Shirts
Race day volunteer shirts are provided. All volunteer shirt sizes submitted are based on volunteer shirt size ratios from previous year sizing needs, (due to early manufacturer's deadline). Volunteer shirts will be provided to each volunteer at their job location, however personal size requests ARE NOT guaranteed.
Ham Radio Operators:
Do not qualify as replacements to fulfill local team's three volunteer requirement. For anyone interested in volunteering as a Ham radio operator, please go to
  • Team captains will invite volunteers from the online the Team / Volunteer Clubhouse starting JULY 11 at 10:00AM (PST). Volunteers will be able to start their training and select a job beginning WEDNESDAY, JULY 12 at 8:00am from the invite email they receive.
  • All Volunteers must be signed up and have passed the online training Q&A by AUGUST 8 (11:59pm PST).  Teams who do not fulfill this requirement will have their team bags withheld and will not participate. 
  • We highly recommend using Google Chrome and not attempting to register via smart phone (please use laptop/PC, NOT an iPad).

Team Captains: How to Invite a Volunteer

  • Team Captain can log in at to access the Team Clubhouse. Once logged in, go to 'My Team' tab and click 'Volunteers' tab, then click 'Invite Volunteers' and proceed (opens July 11).
  • The Captain must enter the volunteer's name and email address. 
  • Email invitations will then be electronically generated to each volunteer. Have the volunteer check their email for the invitation. They will go to their email invitation,  sign up, go through training and pick their job!
  • Teams with Exchange Leaders - continue to read 'Exchange Leader' paragraph below.

Volunteer Training (All Online)

After your Team Captain invites you to volunteer, you will receive an email invitation to sign-up.

1) Open the email and click the web link to gain access to the Volunteer Training/Registration site

2) Enter a valid email address and create a password you'll remember

3) Watch Volunteer Training Video Modules 1, 2 and 3. Pass each of the three training multiple choice quiz segments with 75% or better. If you don't pass each module, you may come back, re-watch each video module and re-take the module quiz you didn't pass until you do. 

4) Only after passing Volunteer Training Modules 1, 2 and 3, can you select a job:

  • Jobs are organized by Date, Time, Location, and Job Type
  • 18 years of age or older on race day
  • Able to lift 25 lbs  (Contact Us if you have limitations on lifting). 
  • Able to stand for 4-6 hours (Contact Us if you have limitations on standing).
  • Can provide own transportation, carpool or mass transit to the volunteer location
  • Take and pass Online Volunteer Training


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